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The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) New Zealand helps families at home and overseas to thrive.

ADRA believes that all people, irrespective of race, gender, age, religious or political affiliation were created in the image of God to do amazing things. Through transformational community development and emergency management projects ADRA helps create the opportunities families suffering from poverty and distress need to thrive.

ADRA New Zealand is part of the global ADRA network which extends into 139 countries.


In New Zealand

In New Zealand, ADRA’s work is focused on providing families the skills and support they need. In partnership with both the North New Zealand Conference and South New Zealand Conference, and local Adventist Churches more than 2,000 families have been impacted by ADRA’s work in the last three years.

These projects include:

  • Welcome Baby – Offering a library of new clothing for babies and parenting support for new mothers.
  • My Money – Providing free financial management training in partnership with the Commission for Financial Literacy and their Sorted Programme.
  • Toolbox Parenting – Practical, positive parenting courses run in partnership with The Parenting Place.
  • Be Somebody 2 Someone – A youth mentoring programme designed to create resilient young people that contribute positively to society
  • Pathways – A life-skills programme that supports refugees, recent arrivals and other groups in getting their driving license, meaning better access to employment and other services.

None of this would be possible without the 400+ volunteers who serve every week in their communities.

You can read more about ADRA’s projects helping families here in New Zealand here.



Overseas, ADRA New Zealand partners with other ADRA offices across the South Pacific and South-east Asia to implement life-changing community development projects. In the last three years this has included:

Water Health and Sanitation

  • Installed 918 latrines and laid 30kms of water pipe in Vanuatu impacting more than 1,000 families.
  • Improved access to clean water and hygienic toilets for more than 2,000 rural families in Cambodia.
  • Provided hygiene training to more than 2,000 students in Myanmar and built latrines for 524 families.

Livelihood Opportunities

  • Provided business training to 145 rural farming families to improve their income and resilience in Fiji.
  • Provided 163 families with revolving business loans in Vietnam to kick-start their small businesses.
  • Established and supported 30 rural business association in Mongolia.

Sustainable Agriculture

  • Trained 100 farmers in, and exposed 500 school-aged men and women to income generating, sustainable agriculture in the Cook Islands.
  • Provided 1,070 farming families in the Philippines with training in sustainable fishing, rice-farming and organic vegetable production.
  • Trained 15 farmers in sustainable farming practices and provided 36,000 seedlings in the Cook Islands.

Disaster Preparedness and Response

  • Ran disaster simulation and training exercises for families in Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, Philippines and Cambodia.
  • Responded to disasters in: Fiji, Vanuatu, Nepal, Philippines, Tonga Myanmar, Solomon Islands and Niger.
  • Maintained and trained an Emergency Response Team made up of experienced staff and volunteers ready to respond across the globe.

You can read more about ADRA’s current projects overseas here.

ADRA also responds to disasters across the globe through the provision of emergency supplies including food, water and shelter. As communities recover following disasters ADRA remains, regularly helping families restart their farming and livelihood activities. Plus, ADRA works with communities prone to disasters to better prepare and plan for emergencies to reduce the impact they have on their lives and livelihoods.

Most recently ADRA New Zealand has responded to disasters including Cyclone Winston in Fiji, Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu and the Nepal Earthquake. For the latest on ADRA’s emergency management work click here

As the official aid and humanitarian agency of the Seventh-day Adventist Church ADRA is committed to working the local churches, along with church administrative bodies to ensure the Adventist Church plays a pivotal role in creating a world of equality, justice and generosity so that all families can thrive – just as God intended.

With almost half of the world’s population living on less than $2 a day and kiwis suffering from the biggest pandemic in their history – the breakdown of the family unit – ADRA’s work has never been needed more.

For more about ADRA New Zealand’s work visit or connect with ADRA on Facebook

As a fully not-for-profit agency ADRA relies on donations to continue its work. To make a donation please visit or call 0800 499 911.

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