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Right across the globe, around the world, many wonderful and exciting things have been happening in our Children's Ministries departments. "Every Child is a Disciple of Jesus!"

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GC KidsNews

Resources - Children's Sabbath 2016

We have some excellent resources for our Children's Sabbath. The resources will enable our children to have a fun-filled happy Sabbath as they share with their church family how important having mentors, and genuine connections are, for the faith and development of every child. Go ahead and use these excellent resources by clicking on the link:
2016 Children's Sabbath

Valentine Ideas

We know that kids naturally have questions about love. "What does it mean? What it looks like? How do you know if someone loves you? How do I show people I love them?" Valentine’s day is a fantastic opportunity to start a conversation with your kids about true love and what it really means. This is why we have put together a booklet with a few simple valentines ideas to help get leaders and parents get started in those conversation. This booklet is attached, you can find it on our Facebook page, website or downloadable from the link below.
Valentine's Ideas (for kids and churches) - Please feel free to share this resource with your pastors, children’s leaders, Sabbath school leaders and anyone else who you think may find this resource useful.

Let's Talk












Is it that we, as a denomination, are losing at least 50% of our young people to the world. In some cases it is even more than 70%. Young people who are born or grow up in the church decide to live secular lives. Although this is an alarming reality, this may have been true for many years. The question is not, “Why does it happened?” or “Can something be done about it?” If you ask church members, they may be able to tell you a number of reasons why they believe it happens, and what can be done about it. In fact, many of those answers may be accurate. More urgent questions are, do we make this an urgent priority? How serious are we about this? Does this situation pose a potential threat for the future of our denomination? In the past it has been a challenge to poll the thinking of those who are in the process of distancing themselves from church association or who are feeling marginalised.

There is good news for those churches that are concerned about this situation. NZPUC Family Relationships Ministries has developed a new resource that will assist churches in accessing the views of young people. We believe that this tool will help churches gain a true perspective on the situation in their congregations and how they can minister to their young people more effectively. Let’s Talk has been developed after careful consultation with adults and young people and aims to make an accurate assessment of how churches are providing for the spiritual development of their young people.

Drop us a line and we would like to talk to you more about it.
To see a sample of this resource, click on the link LetsTalk-sample

Let’s Talk tool will help you learn:
• How many young people are involved in your church activities
• How many young people are no longer involved with your church community
• How young people – both current and former attenders – perceive your church.
If you’d like to learn more about this tool and how you can access it and use it in your local church.


My Quiet Time with Jesus: Prayer Calendar & Journal

We believe that prayer is such an essential part of spiritual development in our children. This is why we are pleased to announce that the Prayer Journal and Calendar is printed and ready to go. This is a fantastic resource for kids aged 4-12. Use it as a way to start a conversation with your kids about prayer. Discuss requests, share answers to prayer and help them discover what prayer means to them as they develop lifelong faith.

Contact us to order 

Faith Shapers
Faith Shaper is a response to a variety of research that highlights the challenge we face in growing young people in faith. Sadly we don’t need to see research to know we have a problem engaging our young people in faith – if your church is like most, you could probably see in your mind the faces of young people who have disengaged from church. It’s time to be intentional about shaping a better, more integrative, faith inspiring environment.
For more information and resources click on the links below:


Faith Shaper Cover S - Service and Mission
Faith Shaper - Booklet H - Home Empowered
7 Essentiail Faith Experiences A - Authentic Relationships
Implementation Guide P - Participation
Shaping Lifelong Faith Banner (Large) I - Intergenerational Connections
The Faith Shaper Guide To Christmas N - Noteworthy Memory Events
  G - God Encounters

Adventist Fundamentals Infographic Posters This Web site is a service of Kids' Ministry Ideas magazine, a children's religious education resource dedicated to bringing teacher/leader growth and continued training to those in the forefront of children's ministry.
Welcome to Adra for Kids Have fun with your kids and help them to realize that they can do great things for others. Go ahead and download a "Kids-in-Action Kit."   
Sabbath Ideas Org A large collection of evolving Sabbath ideas. It's all here...Sabbath fun!. Help make your day with your Creator even more special than ever. 
Ellen White Visionary Visionary4Kids is targeted for kids aged 8-14. It is filled with great stories, answers to questions about God, the Bible and living for Jesus, plus puzzles!....  
Truth for Kids This site aims to provide resources for the spiritual development of children. Great resources and free downloads.
Youtube Sabbath School You can link to animated children's Sabbath School stories on YouTube by clicking on this link.
Captivating Kids for Christ Here you will find hundreds of children’s ministry resources to help you get your kids excited about the Bible.

Children's Sabbath (2014)
The Children's Sabbath is an annual special day set aside to reach out to children in the community and to showcase children and their ministry. It is a way to include the children in your churches to plan and participate in this special program.

Click on the links below for resources:

Bulletin Sharing Cards
Event Planning Discussion Questions
Invitations Song - God's Got A Plan
Logo - Road to Salvation Song - Everlasting Life
Poster - Advertising Song - Before I Had A Name
Poster - Program STOP1
Poster - Road to Salvation STOP2
Program STOP3  

Graceline @ Home
For some great ideas for teachers and parents to create special and essential relational moments at home,click on the link below:

Daily 5 - Essential Relational Moments GL@Home with note

God Loves Me 28 Ways - Bible Adventures for Young Readers
This Bible study set uses a creative, kid-friendly approach to the 28 fundamental beliefs, which will introduce children to the pillars of our faith.
With its easy-to-understand format and interactive approach, children will quickly grasp the concepts and have fun learning.  
Click on the links below for the 28 Study Guides:
1. Bible Adventure Study 1
2. Bible Adventure Study 2
3. Bible Adventure Study 3
4. Bible Adventure Study 4
5. Bible Adventure Study 5
6. Bible Adventure Study 6
7. Bible Adventure Study 7
8. Bible Adventure Study 8
9. Bible Adventure Study 9
10. Bible Adventure Study 10
11. Bible Adventure Study 11
12. Bible Adventure Study 12
13. Bible Adventure Study 13
14. Bible Adventure Study 14
15. Bible Adventure Study 15
16. Bible Adventure Study 16
17. Bible Adventure Study 17
18. Bible Adventure Study 18
19. Bible Adventure Study 19
20. Bible Adventure Study 20
21. Bible Adventure Study 21
22. Bible Adventure Study 22
23. Bible Adventure Study 23
24. Bible Adventure Study 24
25. Bible Adventure Study 25
26. Bible Adventure Study 26
27. Bible Adventure Study 27
28. Bible Adventure Study 28

God Loves Me 28 Ways Bible Adventures Cover

VBS (Vacation Bible School)
Announcing the latest VBS resources:

Click on the links below:

Just for KidsUnderstanding our church is an essential part of helping kids to fully understand and participate in our church community church traditions. These can often appear to be abstract and irrelevant to kids until we take the time explain what is going on, why we do it and what it all means. To help you generate discussion with your kids around some of our church traditions we have developed a series of A5 printouts that can be inserted in your church bulletin when there is a dedication, baptism or communion happening in your church.


Just for Kids Dedication

Just for Kids Baptism

Just for Kids Communion


Destination Paradise
More and more of our children are being bombarded with non-biblical information and being told it is fact. This VBS Resource seeks to teach that creation did not happen by accident, but rather with a purpose by a loving Creator God.

Director's Guide

Make It Yours

Area 66

Break Room

Opening and Closing

Action Sector

VBS Journal and VBS Certificate
(available via email upon request
due to large file sizes)

Investigation Station: Destination Paradise

Welcome to Destination Paradise, where kids investigate God's word. Each day the kids will investigate a different Bible truth through Bible stories, nature, crafts, games and more. Click on the icon for further information.

Visit Site


Visit Site


Visit Site

Investigation Station: Destination Galactic
Investigation Station: Galactic Quest is an interactive VBS program that teaches kids that God loves us so much that He has a plan to save us and He wants to live with us in heaven forever. Click on the icon for further information. Further VBS resources which we are unable to place online, but can be sent to you in soft copies by request are: Songs (audio and sheet music), Stickers, Memory Gems.

Kidsville: Where Jesus Loves Others Through You

.A new 2016 program where kids experience Jesus’ love in a variety of unique ways!
This program focuses on the truth that “Jesus loves others through me.” Each day the kids will not only learn what it means for Jesus to love them, but how Jesus can use them to love others. They will discover what that looks like in their daily lives and how they can be better friends to those around them.

Family & Children's Week of Prayer Reading (2014) 2016 Junior Youth Week of Prayer Reading

Click on the links below for the Family and Children's Readings:
First Sabbath
Second Sabbath

A great week for family and children to get together and participate in a week of Prayer.

2016 Junior Youth Week of Prayer Reading
Theme: 'Jesus - The Centre of It All'

Facing the Screen Dilemma

Families Guide
Facing the Screen Dilemma (Young Children, Technology, and Early Education)


Downloadable Resources

GC Kids News (PDF, 1.32MB)
Faith Shaper Booklet (PDF, 3.03MB)
Logo - Road to Salvation (PDF, 351.16kB)
Children's Sabbath (STOP 1) (PDF, 178.80kB)
Children's Sabbath (STOP 2) (PDF, 179.44kB)
Children's Sabbath (STOP 3) (PDF, 179.34kB)
Faith Shaper (Cover) (PDF, 253.35kB)
Just For Kids - Baptism (PDF, 386.13kB)
Just For Kids - Communion (PDF, 384.47kB)
Just For Kids - Dedication (PDF, 363.16kB)
VBS: Director's Guide (PDF, 301.42kB)
VBS: Area 66 (PDF, 365.69kB)
VBS: Break Room (PDF, 284.28kB)
VBS: Make It Yours (PDF, 344.43kB)
VBS: Action Sector (PDF, 279.97kB)