Ministry: Mission to Communities

Welcome to Mission to Communities!

We believe that Jesus Christ is the only real Hope for this troubled world, and the local Church is the instrument that God has chosen to share this message to the communities and to the world.  Not only are our local churches to limited to just sharing, but to they are also to do Mission, in, and for, our communities.

Our goals are to empower leaders and equip churches so that both the leaders and church members become powerful Centres of Influence in their communities. These Centres of Influence are where the church members are mobilized to focus on going out and doing, rather than just remaining inside and waiting for people to come to their church doors.

Going Out – means reaching out and meeting people in their own comfort zones, in their homes, on the streets, in their workplaces, at shopping centres, anywhere.

Doing – is simply carrying out the Mission of God, and sharing the Message of Salvation in Jesus Christ alone, into every sphere of their daily lives.

Specifically, in doing Mission, we endeavor to follow Jesus’ method in meeting people where they are at, rather than ministering to them from a distance or by proxy. Christ “mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then He bade them, ‘Follow Me.’” (Ministry of Healing, page 143)

Here we see the example for ministry and mission. First, we need to mingle, then enter into a dialogue and show genuine interest and sympathy to those who are hurting, minister to their needs, and by doing so, win their confidence and trust. Then, by God’s grace, lovingly guide people to take the final step of entering into a saving relationship with Christ by becoming His committed, enthusiastic disciples.

For more about Mission to Communities’ work, call +6492502730 for Pastor Jean-Noel Adeline, or email