Ministry: Discipleship

Welcome to the official webpage of the Discipleship Ministries of the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference (NZPUC) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The NZPUC Discipleship Ministries purpose is fulfilled by providing resources, offering mentoring and ongoing training, to ignite and better equip our Conferences and local church Leaders and their teams, for increased effectiveness in fulfilling their roles.

We carry out this purpose by initiating, developing and nurturing a climate of healthy churches across the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference (NZPUC).

Please go ahead and browse through the subsections on this page for resources, upcoming events in our Union, and most importantly, to plug in to our NZPUC-HUB where Conferences and Mission local church leaders can generously share ideas and insights with each other, for further development and effectiveness, so we can all do ministry better! 

To gain greater benefits from our HUB, if you are one of the leaders in your church in NZPUC, we invite and encourage you to please send us a registration request, and you will be added on approval by the moderator.

Thank you for visiting our Hub and may you be richly blessed in your ministry and service for Christ.