Ministry: Youth

Ideas from 'Outer Space'

In this selection you will find a lot of useful Youth Resources that are not produced by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
We ask you to use your own judgement and wisdom in selecting the resources and ideas that are in harmony with the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the ones that are acceptable in your cultural setting.

Sticky Faith
by Fuller Youth Institute Great perspective on seeing faith that lasts the test of time.
Youth Ministry360
by Andy Blanks A factory of youth ministry articles and resources.
Great insights by a group of youth geniuses.

Life in Student Ministry

Exceptional insights by a seasoned youth blogger.

Youth Specialties

by Mark Matlock So much resources to offer.
Simply Youth Ministry
A hotspot for youth curriculum and resources.
The Source for Youth
This site was a free resource for youth workers providing curriculum, activities and ideas.
Youth Ministries Resources
Check out more resources for your youth ministry.
Youth Pastor Resources
Heaps more resources to choose from.


World Changers Resources in English

Study Guide Lessons
World Changers Bible project - Full set of 28 bookmarks.

World Changers Resources in French

WC Study Guide Lessons WC bookmark 14
WC bookmark INTRO WC bookmark 15
WC bookmark 1 WC bookmark 16
WC bookmark 2 WC bookmark 17
WC bookmark 3 WC bookmark 18
WC bookmark 4 WC bookmark 19
WC bookmark 5 WC bookmark 20
WC bookmark 6 WC bookmark 21
WC bookmark 7 WC bookmark 22
WC bookmark 8 WC bookmark 23
WC bookmark 9 WC bookmark 24
WC bookmark 10 WC bookmark 25
WC bookmark 11 WC bookmark 26
WC bookmark 12 WC bookmark 27
WC bookmark 13 WC bookmark 28


Disciples In Action Series 1-5 / Manuel les Disciples en Action Series 1-5

Disciples in Action Manual Steps to Discipleship is a seven-week journey of constant seeking,
study and self-discovery that will lead to a closer relationship with God.

Sur les Pas du Disciple est un programme de sept semaines de recherche constante,
d’étude et de la découverte de soi qui mènera à une relation plus étroite avec Dieu.

DIA Series 1 Connecting with God Series 1 - Relationships: Connecting with God Participants Guide  
DIA Series 2 Identity Series 2 - Identity Participant's Guide  
DIA Series 3 Relationships Series 3 - Relationships: Connecting with Each Other Participant's Guide
DIA Series 4 Discipleship Series 4 - Discipleship Participant's Guide
DIA Series 5 Witnessing Series 5 - Witnessing Participant's Guide
Steps To Discipleship / Sur Les Pas Des Disciples


Ambassador by the General Conference Youth Ministries Department

The Ambassador Group is an organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church dedicated to meeting the spiritual, social, and lifestyle needs of youth ages 16-20’s by challenging them to experiencing and sharing a personal relationship with Christ, developing a lifestyle fitting their belief system and vocational interest, and providing them with an adequate venue for wholesome development of lifelong friendships. To access downloadable resources follow the links on the right:

Ambassador's Resources 
A large selection of downloadable resources
The Ambassadors Program (Video)
Explained by Dr Gilbert Cangy - World Youth Director

More resources will be added here.

Downloadable Resources

WC Bookmark 1 (French) (PDF, 632.22kB)
WC Bookmark 2 (French) (PDF, 622.89kB)
WC Bookmark 3 (French) (PDF, 639.92kB)
WC Bookmark 4 (French) (PDF, 650.48kB)
WC Bookmark 5 (French) (PDF, 675.29kB)
WC Bookmark 6 (French) (PDF, 653.46kB)
WC Bookmark 7 (French) (PDF, 659.40kB)
WC Bookmark 8 (French) (PDF, 666.12kB)
WC Bookmark 9 (French) (PDF, 676.39kB)
WC Bookmark 10 (French) (PDF, 728.04kB)
WC Bookmark 11 (French) (PDF, 679.39kB)
WC Bookmark 12 (French) (PDF, 744.40kB)
WC Bookmark 13 (French) (PDF, 686.89kB)
WC Bookmark 14 (French) (PDF, 711.44kB)
WC Bookmark 15 (French) (PDF, 766.68kB)
WC Bookmark 16 (French) (PDF, 785.80kB)
WC Bookmark 17 (French) (PDF, 709.59kB)
WC Bookmark 18 (French) (PDF, 750.72kB)
WC Bookmark 19 (French) (PDF, 717.54kB)
WC Bookmark 20 (French) (PDF, 731.25kB)
WC Bookmark 21 (French) (PDF, 738.85kB)
WC Bookmark 22 (French) (PDF, 744.95kB)
WC Bookmark 23 (French) (PDF, 765.21kB)
WC Bookmark 24 (French) (PDF, 811.09kB)
WC Bookmark 25 (French) (PDF, 864.66kB)
WC Bookmark 26 (French) (PDF, 810.98kB)
WC Bookmark 27 (French) (PDF, 894.45kB)
WC Bookmark 28 (French) (PDF, 837.89kB)